I can’t think of a worse way to advertise a $4,995 synthesizer than to create this promotional video. I have a feeling that after the camera turned off, the lady in the video turned to her teenage son, smirked, and said “Who said your old mom didn’t know how to dubstep! That’s what I call a real Skrillex!”

And yes, seriously, it costs $4,995.00.

this is the funniest fucking ad i’ve ever seen


because it demonstrates the actual audio capabilites of the synth to the absolute extremes? there are a million reasons, and playing some generic moog funk bassline isn’t gonna sell this thing in this day and age.

also because they’re selling the modular capabilities of it, and this is very typical modular synth work / performance.

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    Is she trying to get better reception for the tv?
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    I watched Galoppierende Zuversicht kill The End Up with a lower tech setup like this a few years ago. Just destroy...
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    No, what Queenston said is true.
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    i think it’s pretty neato those were some crazy sounds she were makin
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    The dude seems surprised that a big Moog like that costs $5000. Instruments aren’t cheap.
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    this was kinda dumb, it looked like a mom just foolin around with the thing while her son wasn’t home. zero intention in...
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    what are you guys talking about this is fuckin cool
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    Fuck the haters, this is cool as fuck.
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    WOW that blog has gone to shit, it’s like he ran out of material and is now trying really hard with personal...
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    renard fucking nails it, again
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    i think it’s a good and bad commercial i think the kind of people who will dump money on a synth like this either: a.)...
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    agreed ^^^