Hey internet, I have a treat for you!

Back in 1984, former-USSR label Melodiya released a 38-minute record called Aerobic Exercises. Sprinkled with the voice of a Russian aerobics instructor, the record features a ton of Soviet-era electronic pop, funk, and rock — All of which seems to have been produced for the record. Every minute of it is quality.

I tracked down a high-quality rip, cleaned it up, split the tracks and tagged the whole shebang. I figure a few people ‘round here might dig this music as well, and it’s certainly not getting a digital release any time soon, so!

> Melodiya (Various Artists) - Aerobic Exercises.zip (90mb)


frighteningly, i’ve been looking for this for years ever since hearing a small WAV clip of the particular song posted on some geocities website. now i know what it is, and i’m completely bewildered!

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    Thanks mom for saving me from this. Or… NO THANK YOU BECAUSE THIS IS AWESOME?! Either way.
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    reblogging again for some very interesting music
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    this is great but ok please find the source of the music from the dirty cowboy
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    ryu im so confused. oh mygod
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