clearing something up about my name vs my name

so there has, for some reason over the past couple weeks, been an ENORMOUS influx of people commenting using my real name: Dave. all over youtube, facebook, twitter, and tumblr, and i have no clue why, as the only place i ever use it is on PayPal receipts for legality reasons. i am not seeking to hide my name or deny that it is my legal / given name, but it’s not the name i go by.

literally everybody i know that isn’t my family calls me Renard. my significant other, Squeedge, calls me Renard. it’s what i state my name as pretty much everywhere. this is my chosen name. not my legal or given one. the one i choose to go by. it’s like how if somebody has a legal piece of paper saying they’re male, if they state otherwise, then you treat them as such. it’s the polite thing to do. the same thing goes for names.

for the record: being addressed as Dave by people who i’ve never spoken to or am not EXTREMELY close with makes me uneasy. not because you know my name, but because that’s not my name. you didn’t grow up knowing me as that.

so please, call me Renard. or Darius. or any of my aliases. just not Dave. i’m not angry at you for calling me Dave. i’m just telling you that it’s not what i prefer and that i perceive it as a bit rude and very awkward. i guess i kind of understand wanting to be on a “first name basis” or something, but my first name, as far as everybody is concerned, is Renard.

thank you.

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  9. kercaden said: hahah I still call you NSR cause that how I was introduced to you as. Only recently have I started using Renard.
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